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@Peter_XX Highest efficiency claimed, around 42 %. (~200 g/kWh)
European manufacturers will add gasoline particulate filters within the next 1-2 years. Some premium brands have already started for their upcoming engines.
@gryf I think it has been said that the compression ratio is somewhere between 15-16:1.
@Peter_XX Mazda says that full load, high speed etc, it will work like regular SI. They are using mode switching. Pressure rise rates can be better controlled if you do PCCI, better than HCCI, but probably worse than regular diesel/gasoline. That's why i believe it will be closer to SA-PCCI rather than SA-HCCI. NOx emissions, maybe SCR or LNT i suppose, unless they are so much lower although Mazda says that they are using EGR as well. Still they have 1,5 year before releasing it if they go according to plan. Huyndai/Delphi say, they can do RON91 calibration and keep NOx below limits without aftertreatment but i don't know how true that is, or within which load range.
@Peter_XX By having (assuming) homogeneous (very) lean air-fuel mixture, you reduce a lot, in theory, the combustion temperature and therefore you keep the production of NOx at a minimum. Assuming that is HCCI or PCCI, flame speed is not an issue. Lean burn GDI engines are not lean enough to have so low NOx emissions, at least with the current and future emission legislations.
For Sweden btw the heating value (lower i assume) for diesel is around 43 MJ/kg.
@cujet Even if your Lister CS diesel reaches 44% thermal (brake) efficiency, what are the exhaust emissions?... Probably not good..
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Jun 22, 2015