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Hi there, I'm writing a literature review and have several in-text tables spanning a couple of pages. My question is pretty simple, but I can't seem to find a concise answer in the APA manual! Basically, when a table runs, say, onto a second/third/forth page, do we repeat the column headings at the top of each page? Furthermore, do we write "Table (X) continued" rather than repeating the table title, or add nothing in that regard? And one last little thing - there's one section where I refer to several pages in the same page of text. In terms of table insertion, I know the rule of thumb is to put them as close to their first mention as possible, however this will mean (if I put them all following that page) six or so pages of tables straight. Stylistically, is that okay? It's tricky to toe the line between readability and appropriate formatting well at times! Cheers, Laura
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2015 on Table Tips at APA Style 6th Edition Blog
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Jul 6, 2015