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Lost in America
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DG, that whole stretch of Ogden though Downers and Westmont has modernized over the last 10 or so years. I’ve driven by the place almost daily for 19 years on my way to work. One by one those old buildings from the 30s, 40s and 50s have succumbed to the wrecking ball so we can have more strip malls, CVS pharmacies and 5Guys burger places (that’s what replaced Duellmans and pretty much all the buildings buildings Between it and the corner). I’m not a fan of dilapidated old buildings but I sure miss those old neon signs.
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I see the problem now
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Stump, every website has one: a bitter, insulting participant that makes the atmosphere toxic for everyone. I personally have had enough of Joel’s insulting comments directed towards anyone with a differing opinion. Please have a discussion to influence his behaviour or ban him. Chuckle was more palatable.
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Most young people who see this movie today are bored to tears. The film is plodding and the chase scenes can’t match what Hollywood put out with CGI. When I first saw this in the theater I felt my stomach going up and down during the chase scenes. It’s still my favorite and in no small part because it’s real driving. I still watch it on YouTube for time to time
That Ford Falcon must have been a real chick magnet.
Gawd I thought Smithers was hot!
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I used to love that place. I heard they went downhill before closing completely
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All of his shows were great. Genuinely funny without having to be foul mouthed or filthy.
6 bucks for a dog? It must be those tarrifs🤑
Harley Davidson announced the closure of the Kansas City plant months ago with the intended opening of an overseas plan in Asia for foreign market production. HD has seen a steady decline in their US sales over the last several years mainly with the sportster models that are produced in KC. Harley’s demographic in the US is shrinking and their best hope for survival is to push for increased foreign sales
That dog looks like a spring chicken. Go back at 3:00 am and have another look
Those are Mercurys out in front . They look like 1956s
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I remember the “honkin for Marv Tonkin” commercials where the old lady was beeping the horn out of sync with the music. It was annoying enough to make you buy the car somewhere else.
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To be honest, that could be Bill Clinton too. He had quite a track record
My father used to go there for lunch at work and we would go occasionally on the weekend. It was called the Three Star Steak House in the early 70s. Good place.
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This girl looks asian. Below is a link to a period correct picture of mother Teresa circa 1923
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They were close enough to civilization to pick up am radio but nobody ever found them.... This requires a healthy dose of “suspension of disbelief”.
He still has the hair and the mustache though. His movies were solid moneymakers in the seventies. I think my fav was The Longest Yard.
Those actually look pretty good. I’ve seen some stuff that looks like it has been under the warming lamp since W was in office.
John, the second one is a 2 door Sedan Dlivery, not a Nomad. The Nomad was only available as a Bel Air trim level and this one is a 150.
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Was there a face in the bottom picture?
Yes he served his time. He was convicted and then paroled. As for the murders, it was Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden’s Job to to get a conviction. Note that Vincent Bugliosi, the DA who convicted the Manson family, said before the trial that this case was open and shut. I guess he assumed the prosecutors were competent.
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The early method of natural gas production entailed heating coal to get the gas from it (creating coke as a byproduct). The process also generated “coal tar” which, as it sounds, is gooey and useless. They would store this stuff in tanks underground where over the years it would leak in the the environment. Former coal gasification sites are some of the messiest to clean up today.
Cool pic! I lived up the street from there back then. That was Lake Grove (now Lake O) and we used to shop at that Albertsons.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2017 on 1973 WAS A DIFFICULT YEAR at STUMPTOWNBLOGGER
Adjusting for inflation, gas is a little cheaper today than it was post-embargo. 55 cents in 1973 is equal to $3.03 today. The price of gas in Portland is about $2.60 which would have been 46 cents back then. The difference today is you can always get gas, you just pay dearly for it. Back then you ran out and were stuck.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2017 on 1973 WAS A DIFFICULT YEAR at STUMPTOWNBLOGGER