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Lost in America
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I lived in Danville in the1960s before moving to Oregon. The house I lived in is around 2 Mil now. Bought new in 1969 for $37k. Danville south off Camino Ramon Rd.
The Drake is still around today. It’s an iconic landmark on the Gold Coast.
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The hot rod out in front was “The Orange Crate”, a 32 Ford Tudor that the Tinder’s bought in ‘59 and raced in the early ‘60s and then turned into a show car. Revell made a model of it. They painted “Oregon Oranges?” on the radiator.
Toggle Commented May 21, 2022 on UNION AVE • TINDLE MOTORS at STUMPTOWNBLOGGER
Checking online, old audio equipment (working) is fetching a pretty penny. I have a 1980 Technics turntable that is listing for upwards of $1k.
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Need to use your phone. That’s been the way now for some time. iPod is so 15 years ago…
The Equal Employment Opportunity Act was passed in 1972 so I’m guessing this was mid 1970s. Minimum wage in 1975 was about $2.00 an hour but the cost of living in the NW suburbs of Chicago wasn’t exactly affordable.
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The first Sunday breakfast buffet I ever went to was at the Inn at the Quay
There are a lot of chicken places popping up and most have good chicken but when you’re charging over $11 for a 2 pc and $15 for a 3 pc it needs to be something truly incredible. Apizza Scholls used to be the top place in Portland. I’ve only been there once but for me it lived up to the hype.
Jann, glad you quit, you’ll never regret it. Next year it will be 40 years ago that I quit. I joke that I quit when you could still actually afford to smoke. I had just bought a carton of Marlboros at the army commissary - they were $4.00
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The green car with the little bit of tail light showing appears to be at least a 1968 Nova. Assuming this pic was taken in ‘68 the price for regular would be the equivalent of $2.45. Not too far off. Premium on the other hand…
My mom’s favorite Italian restaurant in Portland.
I personally couldn’t care less if a candidate for office served or not. My criteria for elected office is that person be intelligent, articulate, compassionate, and be dedicated to the office. If they served in the military, good for them. What I don’t have any patience for is chest beating and touting your service as if it’s some kind of holy pedigree. I served, my wife served, my brothers, father, his brothers and my mother’s brothers all served. Does that make me special? No. And the absence of military service doesn’t mean others are less because of it.
Pre-pandemic pricing. Pandemic of 1918 that is…
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1978, I would have graduated there that year had we not moved.
I hope those are the old mattresses…
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2021 on PARADISE!!!!! at STUMPTOWNBLOGGER
Amazing typewriter. At one point the Selectric had 75% of the market. And the correction ribbon on the later models, what a feature.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2021 on NEW & IMPROVED at STUMPTOWNBLOGGER
Looks like Elizabeth Ashley
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2021 on IS THIS UBER EATS? at STUMPTOWNBLOGGER
That could have been the hood ornament on a Bel Air too…
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Zenith Radio Corporation, Chicago, 39 Illinois. Is there a single personal electronic device made in America anymore? On a similar note, this November Sears will close its last department store in Illinois, where it built its empire - once the largest merchant in the world.
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2021 on NO RADIO WAVES at STUMPTOWNBLOGGER
I first saw this onDiners Drive ins and Dives I think. They were famous for the pork belly sandwich. Reviews were generally positive but the negative ones focused on really fatty pork bellyr and the attitude they showed when the popularity brew up. Never went as the wife wasn’t into it.
Which San Francisco would that be? The one in the US is in the Northern Hemisphere. The entirety of Australia is 8n the Southern Hemisphere
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2021 on WOW WOW WOW at STUMPTOWNBLOGGER
I lived in Danville in the 60s until we moved to Lake Oswego in 1971 (about 7 weeks ago it will be 50 years). I go back to Oregon every year or two to see my family (down to one living brother). Once in a great while I’ll travel down to the bay areas . I can’t believe how both towns have changed. I don’t remember seeing Cadillacs or Lincolns and foreign cars were rare. Welllll, that certainly has changed.
*Marv* Tonkin.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2021 on ON THE LOT WITH LINDNER at STUMPTOWNBLOGGER
I guess the basis was dirty tricks? I don’t think either of them was the victim of a freeway ramp going though their dealership. Based on TV exposure Ron was by far the leader. “I’m honking for Marc Tonkin” was the worst commercial I’ve seen in my life.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2021 on ON THE LOT WITH LINDNER at STUMPTOWNBLOGGER
That doesn’t look like The Godfather (part 1 or 2). The van is too new.