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mt beauty
born with missing parts
Interests: music, the telephone original sound ringing protocol or whatever looks good on paper as copper or nbn optic fiber translating fuel and economy plastics, oil by products and the sale there of . Mechanism and flight and the rest i try to knit!!!,play guitar sometimes professionally not much luck so far........,and local talent in spades devoted disciple of music in our own time and community helping the myriad or meridian if any of my ex students get half of what this lucky country has to offerwithout any goverment help on the wholly and sole backs of the parental hierachyThank God the chip doesnt fall to far away from the tree DHS is a scam and the court system is in ruins to name a few of society failing to cough up the goods to survive MUSIC is the peoples voice and it will survive through human sacrifice. facebook me if you know who is looking after our children.
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