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I think the 5-5-5 battery strategy is the best solution for industry at present. It is keeping auto engineers aware of current and concurrent electric cell technologies. As HarveyD pointed out the technology would not be seen on the road for several years after the 5 year planned finish. If another 5 year plan starts up after this it can take advantage of any outside developments and again spread a wide net for better battery models. This would out- perform any rigid 10 year plan, that could be prone to failure due to cost blow outs over time. This is probably what big oil wants to justify is destructive practices on the environment and falsely claim a more price competitive product that continues to not meet clean air standards. Just on the issue of BEVs performing poorly in cold weather climates, to the whingers of such trivia : Its not all about you. A large portion of the worlds population lives near the equator, including Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, several African countries, Mexico, southern USA, India, China and the Arab states. Many drivers in these countries often operate in very warm city environments for which air conditioning is required. If you look up Green Car Congress articles on improvements in auto air conditioning and choice of refrigerant gases this to is being solved as an efficiency problem. Maybe people in the icy states will have to drive oil-burners for a while longer.
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Jul 31, 2015