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My thoughts this is a bad law that hurt elderly women, as stated above. It is abusive to women who relied on what the law said that birth certificates would remain sealed unless going to court It also takes choice away from women who would give a child a chance at life. A life without a birth certificate is better than no life at all. Mutual consent or opt in would have given most what they wanted. No one should choose adoption as an option in an unplanned pregnancy. What the law says today can be changed tomorrow. You just may find you may be paying child support, college tuition, forced visitation. We just don't know what legislature will do. Women who chose adoption 50 years ago had no idea the law would change and their identity would be known. Adoption is about 3 parties a birth parent, adoptee and adopted parents. It starts with a woman in an unplanned unwanted pregnancy. There needs to be an option that will work for the women. A women can have privacy if she chooses abortion, she can have privacy if she has a child in a hotel room then places the child in a safe haven, but a women who gets the help of an adoption agency will no longer be able to adoption with privacy, and those who have in the past will have that taken away. A life without a birth certificate is better than no life at all. An opt out is a punishment for elderly women who did not have the option of abortion. Bad law change.
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Aug 5, 2015