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The NDXOXORVI portion can be easily deciphered from existing sword inlays and the practise of using X's to separate sections- ND O ORVI Nomini Domini Omni Orvi In the name of the Lord of all the earth The section encapsulated by X's in the centre is likely reference to the smith- but as the W suggests a Germanic tongue (as others have correctly asserted, W was not common in any Latin usage)- it could also be repetition in the vernacular- the first character after the X appears more G than C- suggesting GHW could be Gott (of) Hefen (and) WelD, Rex CHristi Dei, given the practise of medieval shorthand taking two letters from a word and placing them together to suggest a sound. The centre portion is conjecture, but a very large number of swords feature INNONINIDOMINI, NINOMINIDOMUS and similar that ND is a known shorthand, as is CH for 'CHristus".
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Aug 5, 2015