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Maria van Daalen
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Once again, to be clear. A ''palindromic acronym' ("Saralva I"). I read: NDXO X CH MDU CH DXO R VI = NDXO X CH MDU CH DXO R N. I understand the NDXO CH as being the same Christian evocation as CH DXO N. We are then left with the letters X, MDU, R. I read those van right to left: R and X make ReX, U and M make UilliaM, the D is an extra Dominus, no doubt to point to the view that kingship is given from God.
So, King William, as in "UlilliaM"? Cf.
Or, of course, a king UDM.
A 'palindromic acronym', as mentioned by "Saralva I". The 'W' is really an 'M' and the strange letter is simply an 'U', upside down like the 'M'. As Saralva said, also the 'V I' is an 'N' like the first letter (first, when we read as everyone has done till now). I read: N DXOXCH MDU CHDXO R VI, is N DXOXCH MDU CHDXO R N. The group befor MDU mirrors the group after, the only strange one is an R instead of an X. So that means ReX, I think. No doubt the group N DXO CH is a Christian invocation. We now only need a king "MDU".
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Aug 7, 2015