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The meaning + Why it is so : " Made by God, by Yahweh, the sword reveals herself by God's rebirth. " ND = Made X = By O = not an O it is a closed eye = The eye is God, the flag of the Kingdom Of God. Because it is closed it is hidden X = By GHW = Yahweh (On the sword it is a G and not a C and the C a few letters on is not a G. You got those mixed up) DN CHD = two words, There is no literally translation for it but it means will be revealed, the secrets revealed, As it is written on the sword it about the sword. The best translation is the sword reveals herself. X = By O a closed eye = God's RVI = Re life, Rebirth ( Vi is life ) Naturally the Cross at the beginning and the end means it is Christian. I hope this helps you, HOPE
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Aug 9, 2015