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Pete D
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Camera: Pentax K3 with Sigma 17-50 f2.8, a setup I already own, plus far too many other lenses. But the Sigma would do well, versatile, quiet, and croppable. But if I could realise a dream, it would be something way over the top price wise,probably a Leica. Best song? Impossible to choose, so I will go with the song that reflected my mindset and simultaneously supported me and weakened me through years of clinical depression - Man of The World, by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. As an aside, this kind of exercise has been done before, but never has the song list been such a perfect collection of tracks chosen by MY KIND OF ROCK FAN! A set to burn to disc, that's for sure!
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Oh come on! I assume most of the readers here are Americans, and yet no-one has mentioned one of the finest cleaning agents, perhaps out of reverence. I first discovered this after finding that this fluid, when drunk out of a permanently tannin-stained cup that didn't even respond to potscourers, returned the cup to pristine condition. For small jewellery such as earrings or ornate brooches and rings, and for crockery etc, try submerging the item in Coca Cola. Fanta fizzy orange juice can also work sometimes, but when used on crockery it can leave a disconcerting yellow stain. YMMV.
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Aug 9, 2015