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Joel Shearer
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What I remember best about Sinatra in the '50s and early '60s was his being banned from the Sands (the place he appeared in Vegas until then) for having the thugs who always accompanied him beat up a pit boss and a hotel VP. As for his music, he was great until around 1940 or 1942, then stank. Others disagree, but I don't concede their taste as superior. I admit to prejudice because it was impossible to hear him without thinking about what a piece of shite he was, but mostly I just found his voice grating. In that respect, I didn't find Mel Torme very pleasant to endure, either, all the musicians in thrall to him to the contrary notwithstanding. My taste ran more to the Clancys, and later to the great Ray Davies & Co. So sue me.
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I've long heard his name but am not really familiar enough with his product to associate it with him. My question is, did he do anything good? Peter Gunn's bombastic horns were a pain to listen to even as I watched the show, and the two Sinatra things mentioned were simply pieces of crap. Frank lost his voice circa 1940 and Nancy never had one, and both those songs were novelty works on the order of Flying Purple People Eater, with just enough jazz elements to attract snobs. Feh.
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Aug 10, 2015