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Did you notice that the labels were always on crooked? I do not think beer showed alcohol content then, in fact I heard it was illegal to display, but I was convinced that B IPA was way stronger than other brews, and the crooked label was evidence that the brewers were tippling. Somewhere I read a blog that quoted on of the former plant workers, who confirmed that.
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Rheingold was good beer, although the brand was sold a few times, and it was eventually rendered water. The best American brew, from back in the days, was Ballantine India Pale Ale. I would drink that today if it were still made. I was told Oregon IPA was the closest thing to it, but no one in my neck of the woods carries Oregon IPA.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2015 on More Vintage Gourmet: August 1951 at Ruth Reichl
Your blogs are amazing! I love love reading them, and always forward them to folks who appreciate great food writing. But in a zillion years, I never expected to find Mentaiko as a subject. I discovered it in the late 80s at a place called Edo Garden. The sushi chef took some pleasure in educating me about sashimi, and would serve it as a roll (but using thinly sliced cucumber, instead of seaweed), then he would slice the roll. That is the only way I have had it. When I ask have asked at other sushi bars they just laugh. That sushi chef opened Sushi Zen in the Theatre District. I was in the neighborhood, so I dropped in for some sashimi, which was top notch. It did not occur to me to ask for Mentaiko. I wish there was someplace near Mamaroneck, NY that made it.
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Aug 13, 2015