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No one supports men in women's showers and bathrooms, you're in fantasy land if you believe anything about this LEFT LEANING poll from a LEFT LEANING polling group like PPP that still can't believe Trump won the election.
Screw your polls. No one trust the pervert media's polls after Trump anymore.
Stop polling this place and poll Maine and Minnesota and WI and MI and PA all states that either went Red for the first time in like 3 decades or almost went red. That's where the money is at. Also, release a projection for how the 2020 electoral census map will look so we can see if Red or Blue will benefit most.
Governor election poll, senate election poll, and 2016 Trump vs. Hillary poll. There you go. Also, ask if rock or pop/rap is more popular and if they are Republican. So basically, we can see if Rock and Pop/Rap are more popular among Republicans or democrats and in general which is more popular.
Stop with the Gary Johnson nonsense. The man doesn't have a chance in hell and everyone knows it. You should have seen him debate with his colleagues for his party's nomination on whether a 5 year old should have access to crack or not for God's sake. Furthermore, you should ask these questions: -A Trump vs. Hillary -Senate: Toomey vs. whomever the democrats put up -Governor approval rating -Trump and Hillary favorability rating -Maybe a few social questions like how often do you attend church or do you are you pro life or a murderer, I mean "pro-choice".
Obviously a Trump vs. Hillary. Do a poll for the senate. Perhaps do some swing district house of representative polls. A governor approval rating.
Ignore Sdlorimor, that's not what's important. Men use male bathroom and female the female's, case closed. Stop talking about it. Furthermore, now as for the serious questions. Do a senate match up and do a standard match up without Sanders. He's done and everyone knows it.
Ask Hillary vs Trump, Cruz vs Hillary, and a Carson vs. Hillary. Do a Republican and Democrat primary. Do vice presidents as well. Do Hillary/Biden vs. Trump/Carson or Trump/Cruz for example.
Perhaps you could ask about Party tickets. For example: A Trump/Carson or Trump/Cruz ticket vs. a Hillary/Gore or Hillary/Kerry ticket.
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Aug 19, 2015