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maco young
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has anyone here successfully engaged in an actual conversation with a conservative since forever? it's been my unhappy experience that snarky retorts stand in for arguments, and that any weakness or inconsistency is ignored, summarily, or with attack the messenger or whatever. (that said, I am finding new-agers to be nearly as bad, preoccupied with health conspiracies and too cool to be an actual "liberal", totally unwilling to get their hands dirty and do some good.) anyway, I remember when one could actually discuss politics and issues - or is this a pipe dream?
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right on! thinking about building a javascript extension to that would filter out these guys. you know they're bad, but like a car wreck, ...
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Poverty itself is a disease whose symptoms include obesity, substance abuse, ... I can tell you've never been there. The last thing you're looking for is healthy food - you're looking for as much as you can eat for that five dollars in your pocket, and upsizing those fries and Coke is a good deal. Being poor drains you of ambition and will, and chasing a needle or a couple of six packs is far more appealing than the drudge of being.
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Aug 25, 2015