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Andrew D
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It's pretty cool of Blake to take time out to answer his fan's questions, and a lot of his responses have been surprisingly thoughtful. However, while he's come closer than other Sean Cody models to admitting he's bisexual, I can't understand how this studio's homophobia is continually ignored! Sean Cody was started by a gay man and it's primarily staffed by gay men, but Blake isn't the first model to claim all of his co-stars identified as straight. That means rather than seek out masculine gay models in any capacity, Sean Cody undeniably favors straight men. Talk about fucking demented... I actually enjoy straight porn, so I know where to go if I want to see straight guys fucking. Sean Cody (the studio and apparently former owner as well) hates gay men, homos, fa**ots, sissies...yet those with low self esteem don't seem to have a problem with that. That's fucked up.
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Aug 28, 2015