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Alice Splith
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Oops, thanks for pointing out the sentence case. I'm used to MLA and now am struggling with APA. I appreciate your help so much! I've been spending hours trying to get everything right.
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Thanks a lot for the answer.
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Hi, This report isn't annual, but I assume it should be cited in the same way? I wonder if I've written it correctly in the APA style: Demers, P., Beaudry, G., Bjornson, P., Carroll, M., Couture, C., Gray, C., . . . Roberts. K. (2014). The Future Now: Canada’s Libraries, Archives, and Public Memory. Ottawa, ON: Royal Society of Canada. Within the report itself, it says that you should cite it like this: Demers, Patricia (chair), Guylaine Beaudry, Pamela Bjornson, Michael Carroll, Carol Couture, Charlotte Gray, Judith Hare, Ernie Ingles, Eric Ketelaar, Gerald McMaster, Ken Roberts. (2014). Expert Panel Report on The Future Now: Canada’s Libraries, Archives, and Public Memory. Royal Society of Canada, Ottawa, ON. ISBN: 978-1-928140-01-6 Thanks!
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Hi Timothy, I would appreciate very much if you could tell me whether I have my reference right: Thomas, S. (Host). (2013, May 14). The state of the MLS. Part 1 [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from Thanks a lot!
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Sep 3, 2015