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Madison, NJ, United States
Transformational Leadership & Woprship
Interests: Teaching, Transformational Leadership, Worship, Justice & Social Theology
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Dr. Westfield, getting in from my social location in this diversity of privilege and marginalization, is a call to be in front of the different issues intersectionally and pluralism. In our teaching with students from different locations, socioeconomic, racism, sexism, preconceived ideas and prejudices in which our life is exposed to be confronted before them from our own liberation and justice take a time. Today, as educators of life with creativity and freely active (Palmer, 39) life cannot be mere passive agents that do not confront the privileged generations and other marginalized generations. Privileged and marginalized are in the same classroom and even in the same community where they constantly look, but not observed, but are not great. It's in our hands the opportunity to impact with a transforming education and care to promote dialogue for this “violent process” (Nouwen, 5). Exactly those positions for possible solutions in the process can be tedious and tense at the same a healing process to build it up a better location for the better community.
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Sep 14, 2015