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Today's guest blog comes from David Wang, Section E social chair and my fellow section-mate. Read on to learn about his transformative experience at Anderson and his tips for how to make the most of the only two years you'll have at business school! Name: David Wang Hometown: Columbus, OH Undergrad Institution: Cornell University Pre-Business School: Cancer Research Summer Internship: Product Manager at Renovate America (Clean Energy) Post-Anderson (industry): Tech Whenever I’m asked about business school, I always describe it as being more work but also way more fun than I expected. What you will quickly learn about the MBA experience is that it’s absolutely what you make of it. That is true not only for academics and recruiting, but also your social life. One of the biggest regrets I hear from graduates, and even students finishing up their first year is that they wish they invested more time into going out to social events and getting to know the people in their class. As a natural introvert, I knew this would be a challenge, so I put myself in a position where I would be forced to mingle – I ran for section social chair. This turned out to be the single best decision of my Anderson career. Was it a lot of work? Yes. Was I obligated to turn up on many occasions when I’d rather be in bed watching Netflix? You bet. But looking back, the benefits far outweigh everything else. From happy hours, football tailgates, section... Continue reading
Posted Jun 12, 2016 at The MBA Student Voice
I felt compelled to pop on here for a moment and pow wow about the event I attended tonight, an annual tradition of roasting the second-year Investment Banking Anderson Career Team (ACT) coaches who were instrumental in helping us secure our summer internships. It’s no secret that ACT, a completely voluntary and primarily student-led program, is one of the most distinctive aspects of the Anderson experience, and as we approach the end of the quarter, and what is the end of business school for our coaches, we first-years wanted to show our appreciation the only way we know how—by roasting them. We booked out the entire second floor of a Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica and toasted one another with incredibly strong margaritas, taking one last chance to catch up before we all head off to our internships or full-time jobs. The Roast, put together and delivered by a few of my classmates, had everyone roaring with laughter as we saw slide after slide highlighting each ACT coach. It’s crazy to think that just a few months ago, we were all in “networking” mode with our coaches, but now we were handed the reins to make fun of them. I might regret saying this at this time next year, but I’m actually looking forward to getting roasted by the bankers of 2018 (insert not-so-subtle plug to explore a career in investment banking because you'd miss out on all this fun otherwise - seriously though, if you're even thinking or wondering... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2016 at The MBA Student Voice
This post is a part of the Student Spotlight series where we highlight a current Anderson student and learn about his/her experience at Anderson. We will also get to hear about the student's favorite Anderson memories and advice for current and prospective MBA students. Kyle Briscoe grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, where he lived a somewhat stereotypical Texas life: assisting on the family ranch and running his own lawn care business for six years. He then attended Yale University, where he majored in Architecture with a concentration in design and conducted independent research in sustainability. While studying architecture, he became fascinated with the technology tools he used to create models and manage projects. His interest in technology led him to co-found a cloud computing startup, called Cloud Spectator, which provides IaaS cloud performance benchmarking and consulting for enterprises and cloud providers. Though he left the startup, it still continues today. Kyle then took his newly discovered interest in marketing strategy to the Stanford University Office of Undergraduate Admission, where he spent four years as an Assistant Director of Admissions, creating an integrated marketing communications strategy and comprehensive digital marketing strategy. He is now a first-year student at UCLA Anderson School of Management, where he is completing the Marketing track and the Easton Technology Leadership Certificate. He chose Anderson because of its collaborative environment and strong technology management curriculum. Kyle will complete his summer internship at Microsoft working as a Product Marketing Manager for Windows 10 & Windows devices. What... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2016 at The MBA Student Voice
“You’re doing...banking? Investment banking??” is a question I had fielded a countless number of times throughout the past three months. I wasn’t surprised; after all, I had come to Anderson with a background in entertainment and was initially recruiting for HR management. It seemed like (and let’s be honest, probably was) a complete 180 from what I had thought I wanted to do and what made sense for my background. But the beauty of Anderson was that such a pivot was possible. I remember sitting in what was the sixth week of my accounting class, learning about operating and capital leases, and finding all of it incredibly fascinating. This realization prompted me to look into careers in finance, and after finally understanding what investment bankers actually do, I knew that this was the career path I wanted to pursue. And though I joined the investment banking recruiting process mid-way through the fall quarter, I leveraged the resources and alumni network at Anderson (and gave up any semblance of a life) to secure a Summer Associate offer: 2nd-year ACT coaches were absolutely critical in helping me navigate all aspects of the recruiting process Advisors at Parker Career Management Center helped me finesse my story and provided incredible guidance on interviews, especially the behavioral component Anderson alumni in the industry took the time out of their busy workdays to meet with me for informationals Classmates followed my journey through the week of interviews and cheered me on, from first rounds to superdays... Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2016 at The MBA Student Voice
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