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Netanyahu is pushing all buttons for only one reason: to avoid snap elections as much as possible in reaction to his mismanagement. Lets recall that several generations later most Israelis are Sabras with nowhere else to go but Israel, just like anyone else in the Middle East has nowhere else to go. Consequently, when all is said and done, like people in Eastern Europe, Israeli Sabras are fed up with their standard of living at the same time that their personal futures and that of their families is totally unpredictable. To them, the Israeli-Palestinian issue is an incomprehensible non-issue. The real issue to them is law and order-- people are dying at the hands of enraged young Palestinians with no sense of hope; they in no way consider the Palestinians' issues. They can't afford to as Palestinians will not tolerate a foreign culture living in the same place by stepping on their heads. And so, Netanyahu knows that everything he does that is on a vector consonant with their rage and worry will make them "stick with Bibi" because they see no alternative. To Sabras, the issue is that the stronger the kicking back at Obama by Netanyahu, the less chance of more threats to law and order by Palestinian rage. While one can understand their predicament and can offer them policy alternatives, everything demands a long rage perspective while the Sabras' perspective is myopically fearful: anything than makes me safe NOW! Nowhere in this perspective fits the push for Pollard's release. It is totally a manifestation of Obama's "go along to get along" attitude. For Netanyahu, the Pollard release, is a cred with the Zionist Right and a show of unrelenting power-influence in America to calm the Sabras' fear that with his insolence Netanyahu has kinked the financial umbilical cord to an American financial placenta without which Israel can't survive. One can well understand how one living in the Middle East inferno of today thirsts for anything that clams anxieties like those of the Sabras with no other place to go. But the most dangerous aspect is the silent deep underground torrent of anti-Semitism this release provokes in America-- dangerously producing a sink-hole into which may fall many American Jews who are, nevertheless, as American as apple pie,also WITH NO PLACE ELSE TO GO but America, just as the Sabras have nowhere else to go but Israel. But to the Ziocrazies, such Diasporic Jews, like OUR American Jews, without first loyalty to Israel but to the US, their homeland (the mass majority of American Jews) are "Parasitic Jews." Whatever dangerous consequences anything Netanyahu does to brings upon these "parasites," is therefore seen by these Zionist Right as acceptable because, at the very least, it would force the Diasporics to stampede in fear into an "aliyah" to Israel with all their wealth; most Sabras, however, are too busy with their day to day crises to think of the well-being of Diaspora Jews and how the Zionist Right might endanger it. What is down-right reckless is Netanyahu's celebration of success in his efforts to release Pollard, a US Naval office that, according to the reportage of the time, was enticed into espionage by the Israeli Mossad with drugs and money, is greeted by Netanyahu as if he were welcoming home a Hero of the State. The silence of Middle Americans now is more dangerous than the noise of those who are outspoken because the silent resentment of the many is fuel for hate mongers. I can only hope that we all realize that the Pollard outrage is a small issue used to save Netanyahu's political future with the Zionist Right that had cursed him for failing to force Obama to abandon the Iranian nuclear deal. In the balance of History, the Pollard Case is a sordid episode that is best let pass only because to dwell on it may make some of us Americans something other than the fair and united Americans we've always been. Already, we are giving in to our worst fears about Muslims, the other Semites. But if the US is to remain as a world leader, we must show that small crap like what Netanyahu feels he has to exploit to stay in office is best let fly by while we as responsible citizens wishing our better side to rule our judgement concentrate on the big challenges before us. In closing, Pollard is scum from a long time ago that should not preoccupy us and distract us from the massive global challenges NOW. Let the good wife, Mrs. Pollard have him quietly, for if we mis-focus on him, we do so at the peril of our kids who expect us to pass on to them an America devoted to freedom and human diversity that absorb people from everywhere to make them into what is best about us as a people.
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Oct 4, 2015