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Kristin Nicholas
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This was a wonderful article. As a 6th grade teacher in middle school I can assure you in my classroom; whether it is resource or team taught; differentiation happens every day. I agree, it's important to provide them with the supports they "need" and is just as important to know when to "pull back" those supports to ensure independence. As my principal says, "Special Education, accommodations, and supports are meant to provide the student with what they need to have access to the general education curriculum and be successful. It is not in place to hinder their ability to become independent students." As a team at our school we are constantly discussing our students and ensuring they have what they need and if they don't have it, we amend their IEP to make sure they get it. If they have accommodations that no longer are appropriate for the middle school setting and data shows they don't require that accommodation anymore, we will amend the IEP to remove it. Constant parental communication is necessary in this process. Middle school is to prepare them for high school, not to throw them in the deep end and see if they will sink or swim. At least not in my classroom!
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Oct 7, 2015