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Strange to read this. Why? Recently, I refused to buy some books due to the covers. I loved the authors works before but now I resent these covers that are all sex and not romance or love or beauty. I read historical romance for stories, love, joy, and of course a view into that time. As the books have turned more to sex including the covers, I have refused to keep buying authors that in the past I would buy regardless of day, time, or otherwise. It was really wonderful to read that such a gifted writer like Mrs Balogh, has decided to take a stand on what she wants for her writing. I so love her writing and have everything she has written up to now. All I can say is thank you Mrs. Balogh, for allowing your readers that opportunity of reading such gifted writing and also thank you for the beautiful change in covers. They are really beautiful! Thank you.
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2015 on Mary Balogh, on covers at Word Wenches
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Oct 17, 2015