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It is sad to read this post here. First who is saying that an attack can't happen here? What security experts are saying is that it is far less likely because we don't have refuges bypassing security to get in. There is a little thing called the Atlantic ocean that protects us from that. If you can't understand or acknowledge the difference you aren't being serious. The last I read on passports was the person in the Paris attack. They had proven that the passport was fake and likely purposely left to do what you are doing here. If there is newer evidence please provide a link. "As politicians rush to curb refugee intake, research reveals 55 of 68 people indicted over alleged Isis ties were born in US and none came from Syria" "The typical alleged Islamic State adherent is intent on fighting abroad rather than plotting attacks at home, research shows." The full government plan as noted hasn't been released yet, but it is going to look some thing like this. The refugees being brought into Canada are going to picked from the ones that are pre-screened by UNHCR. They will then be finger printed and rescreened and have a medical check over seas. They will then be brought to military bases and be housed there while more screening occurs and they are set up for more permanent housing. As a Canadian it doesn't bother me what you say about the border. I think we should all take it a symbol of every thing we are doing right that two countries can exist like that. If it wasn't for the fact that it would screw migratory paths though I would have no problem with the US building a wall along the border. The US is turning it's self into Israel west so it might as well have big walls to cower behind. Of course all those mass killers in the US who like to shoot school children etc are born into Christian families from the US but what ever, never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Canada is probably the only country in the world running a trade deficit with the US so I would be fine with slowing down cross border traffic. As for the poll sure you got that number right after the attack. The government has been in place only a couple of weeks and the PM has been over seas most of that time so they haven't been able to firm up their plans and have a cabinet vote on the plan. That has created a vacuum the conservatives have been filling with their inner Trump screeds once again. But their approach has made most Canadians sick to their stomachs and moved the polls against the conservatives in the last weeks of the campaign. The US lost 9/11 by 5 touchdowns two field goals and a safety not because of what the deranged hijackers did, but because the US abandoned every thing that made it a decent place in response to the attack. In my life time the US has gone from the most envied place in the world to the most feared and loathed. You might want to think on why that is.
Hanlon's razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
I nearly swallowed my bubble gum when I read it but some truth got loose in the US media. Maybe there is hope for humanity yet.
The usual machine in Washington is hyping this up for their own reasons. But lets keep in mind that the US is tooling up to spent 1.5 trillion on it's nuclear deterrent. Any one remember these things. NPT, NTBT, SALT, START etc? How about we get back to eliminating nuclear weopons, every ones instead of sinking more money into them.
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In case any one was worried that things would get better. Fresh off the press today: "The United States and Russia must cooperate in fighting Islamic State in Syria, the president of the European Council said on Sunday, stressing Russia should focus its military actions there on the radical Islamists and not the Syrian opposition." "US Deputy National security adviser Ben Rhodes said on Sunday, after attacks in Paris killed 129 people. Speaking in an interview with US network NBC's Meet the Press on the sidelines of a G20 summit in Turkey, Rhodes said getting arms directly to fighters on the ground in Syria and Iraq seemed to be working in the fight against Islamic State." ""
>"Our borders are long and not really secure. IMO the Canadian border is even more insecure than that with Mexico." This negates the fact that North America now uses perimeter security. So the US gets to veto any one entering North America including Canada & Mexico. Does that mean that no bad people ever get in? No. Bad people fly right into the US on occasion as well. But what it does mean is that you don't just breeze into Canada and then walk over the border. They meet the same security checks in Canada that they would in the US. I hope you aren't inferring the BS about the 911 attackers coming from Canada.
One of the topics on the table at the G20 is terrorism financing. I assume that means stopping it but with the G20 it could go either way. With all the permanent members of the UNSC in the room it should be no problem to come up sanctions against sponsors of terrorism like what was used against Iran. But before that happens the US has to change it's mind about the idea of "Good Terrorists" and there are no signs of that happening.
Turkey has tried to play the article 5 game by trying to get themselves attacked. NATO didn't bite. Georgia started a war with Russia and NATO did nothing. NATO and Russia signed an agreement with Ukraine at the end of the cold war that bound both side to protect Ukraine in the event of an attack by either side in exchange for giving up their nuclear weapons. (who will ever do that again?). First the US over threw the government in Ukraine to keep them from signing a trade deal with Russia and then Russia invaded. NATO? Here is my question. Is NATO even about defence any more or is it just an outlaw motorcycle club for tear assing around the Middle East?
"Saudi Arabia to continue support Syrian rebels if Assad does not leave"
UNSC passes a resolution that the GCC members cut the funding for terrorism or there will be an embargo of all oil sales from GCC countries and assets frozen. The world is awash in oil right now and is about to become more awash. If you are really worried about oil supply you can target one country at a time.
If it is true that one of the terrorists entered the EU as a refuge that would indicate that this attack was planned and coming from before France launched their attacks. Besides France has been a bit player on the direct military attack front. Behind the curtains? If the US still had reporters it would be a great time to ask Hillz why as SoS she sent a cable saying KSA is the largest supporter of terrorism in the world. But now the Clinton foundation is filling it's coffers with the Saudi money and she is now dead silent on Saudi Arabia. machine-for-terrorists/210038/ This will all be more about misdirection and cover up than ending terrorism.
Along the same lines
The people always seem to be ahead of their governments. Pot, equal rights etc. This case is no different. The US govt in particular but not alone for sure looks to be suffering from a bad case of supertanker. They have seen the rocks (I hope), some one may have even suggested turning the wheel over hard. But we are a long, long ways from any thing happening. How long has it taken to realize it is no longer 1962 in Cuba? Smaller ships like Canada are able to correct course much faster but hopefully when some one throws a line some one in the US govt catches it. In the mean time it is going to mow down any thing in it's way.
Hats off to every one involved in the op.
Interesting times in the KSA. "Saudi Royal Advisor Says the Kingdom is Ready to Make Peace With Israel" Saudi FM Voices Support for Yemen Peace Talks
Yes but that is just labelling. Lots of stuff going from Canada or any where to the US has to have origin markings on it. Israel is freaked about it but it will only have a marginal effect. I also wouldn't be surprised if they rescind it in the next few days. They always back off when Israel gets mad.
I salute the people on all sides that when their countries called, stood up and risked their lives. That takes a hell of a lot of courage, sacrifice and inner strength. The politicians calling the shots ...
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All new trade deals the US signs now have clauses that allow trade sanctions against the signing countries if they boycot or sanction Israel even the illegal settlements meaning the US has recognized as legal the annexation of the West Bank. confusedponderer is correct that this is a liability. While this stuff may work over the short term, every time the US pulls one of these stunts it pushes it's friends and allies farther away and chops away at the greatest advantage the US currently has being the worlds reserve currency. Once that was weaponized it was only a matter of time before people started looking for alternatives to US financial institutions and USD.
It would appear that Israel aircraft have attacked Damascus again. I find it odd that no one lifts a finger to stop this.
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Is this a campaign issue? Is any one on the news talking against it? Is any politician against it? I'm not American but I can't see any push back beyond social media which is easily dismissed. It seems the only person with the balls to stand up and say some thing was Ann Coulter. If you want to change things you need to write a letter, sign a petition, join a protest march some thing tangible and in the politicians faces.
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It has every thing to do with that. Israel and Syria were close to closing a deal to return the Golan to Syria right before Rupert Murdoch and Dick Cheney found oil there. Israel wants to annex a larger area covering the rest of the southern oil fields. They mask it as a "buffer zone" but it conveiniently aligns with where the oil is. Syria hadn't attacked Israel in 40 years even though they were attacked on a regular basis by Israel. The Golan Heights is still some what strategic but it isn't as strategic in the days of fighter jets, satellites, drones and rockets as it was half a century ago. No one is sneaking a tank division over the Golan Heights undetected these days. The main strategic use of the Golan Heights these days is as a gateway through Syria into Lebanon.
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People need to keep some thing in mind. The president doesn't recognize a country or it's borders congress does. Congress also controls the money. If Obama said no congress would just add the money to the budget and pass it any way. The president is the front man on foreign affairs but really doesn't have much power.
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The US has already announced that Israel has nuclear weapons. No one on the hill cares. Or go here and search on "nuclear israel"
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When we see demonstrations like what ended Vietnam there will be action. When some one running for office is boo'd rather than cheered when talking about going to war there will be a change. Until then nothing is going to happen.