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For goodness sake! fancyghost didn't have any proof it was the manager, did she? Obviously it was, but that's not going to work with the police. At least she got fired for something else.
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It's one thing to walk out of a store with a garment in a bag which still has the tag on. It's another thing to wear the garment! Those things are heavy - you'd notice. Mind you, a shoplifter ought to notice too ...
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Yeah, yeah, they always go on about how many amazing careers Barbie's had. You go and look in your local toy store. Do you see an astronaut Barbie? A surgeon Barbie? A NASCAR driver Barbie? I bet you don't. It'll be princess Barbies and ballerina Barbies. And yeah, the ONLY reason Barbie is anorexic is to make her easy to dress and undress. We all know that chubby baby dolls are impossible to dress & undress, right? If they really wanted to make Barbie easy to dress they wouldn't leave her thumbs sticking out.
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Oct 22, 2015