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Wow. I visited Vertimass's site, but don't see a breakdown of the energy intensity of this process as compared to oil-based fuels. That would, of course, be key. Do you have that information? It seems impossible that producing liquid fuel from biomass-based ethanol would offer any benefit at all for greenhouse gas emissions on a lifecycle basis. Certainly, it would open up the domestic market for ethanol beyond the so-called "blend wall" (which is really a myth). So it would be a profit-making boon to ethanol producers. But from an environmental standpoint? Ethanol from corn is already marginal on that benefit. Cellulosic ethanol is, of course, much better, but to then take the ethanol (which is actually perfectly fine to use as-is in millions of existing vehicles) and turn it into gasoline seems, in a word, dumb.
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Nov 4, 2015