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Terra Firma
It just takes me longer. A LOT longer, but still...
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I realize you posted this several years ago, but if you read these comments here is an article that may very well interest you. Love your work!
Homes of the 50s and 60s do seem to have been saturated in colors that were anything but relaxing. I'd certainly seen my share of pink or mint green bathrooms. Obviously these schemes were very quickly dated. It is quite baffling to modern eyes that a kitchen full of pink appliances could have been attractive, but I suppose in the same vein, future generations will feel the same about the new spate of bright engine red; "ocean blue" and sunny yellows that have recently cropped up.
Ironically, many of the latest designs for public transit ARE proposing "mini" transit cars that are very similar to these--especially when looking at "near future" "self-driving smart cars"....They are pictured with 2-4 passengers all lined up one behind the other just like in your picture...albeit one by one rather than two by two and on paved roads rather than tracks (though magnetic strips and the like have also been proposed--"smart roads"?). Perhaps the past version was anticipating tracks being as ubiquitous as asphalt roads? Perhaps after a certain point the individual cars would peel off and go on their merry way to individual destinations? Still, I was struck by the similarities.
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Nov 6, 2015