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Rachel Hawkins
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What a day we've had, Dave from Skip To Be Fit visited school today. We've been improving our skipping skills and learning how to keep our bodies healthy. We even had some parents join us, which the children loved. Continue reading
This week Year 1 have been experimenting with materials to fee if they float or sink. First we selected materials to test then we made predictions. Finally we tested each material and recorded our results. We then used our knowledge of materials that floated to design and make a boat.... Continue reading
Today we had a visit from a local artist called Nicky she has a studio called The Bower Wirks. She creates wonderful collages, all made from recycled materials. She worked with the whole school today to create a beautiful collage of some of our favourite places in and around Sheffield.... Continue reading
We've had great fun today in Year 1. First we had a session with Rugger Eds, the children just love these sessions although it was rather chilly outside today! After that we had a maths lesson. We learnt how to measure objects using cubes, rulers and meter sticks. Great measuring... Continue reading
It's the end of a very busy week in Year 1. Today the children had drumming with Steve Rivers, they learnt to use different drums and played samba beats. It was great fun. They finished the day with our 'Friday boogie' as a reward for working so hard this week.... Continue reading
Last week Year 1 were very busy. We went to visit Sheffield Cathedral..... .....which was beautiful. We had a look at all of the stunning stained glass windows and made some of our own. The next day we went to visit St Andrews Psalter Lane Church. We were greeted by... Continue reading
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Nov 10, 2015