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Dear Father, I am curious about the source for what you are saying here about the demonic. Is it just Fr Staniloae? In what text does he discuss this? I'm also intertested if you have anything you might refer me to on the angelic in general. I've read Thomas Aquinas on this topic, but would really like to get an Orthodox perspective on it. Not to contradict what you are saying about the demons not having names, but I was thinking about how the demon Asmodeus is mentioned in Tobit. Also there is the king of demons Apollyon/Abbadon in Revelation 9. There's also the mention of Beezelbub in Matthew and Luke - but are these and other biblical naminhgs merely references to Canaanite and other pagan deities like Mammon or Moloch that are "archetypic alaises" of a sort for particular demonically inspired sins or temptations, like Asmodeus would be for lust? I hope these questions aren't purient - I think the "anthropological"/theological point you make here about personhood and names is extremely powerful, but I've never heard anyone teach this before.. Thanks for your insight, anyway. God bless.
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Nov 17, 2015