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#2 It always amazes me that you know these things. In this case the source of 'decimate'. I never even asked this myself. #3 I haveowned an odd 40 cars. One had a real automatic: A W124 200. And a Toyota Aygo with a 5 speed robotic gears, very agile drive on small roads. #4 I have played 'three cushions' many years. I really loved the game. Never understood why those Britons have all those holes in their tables.
I found a new perspective on the time span of WWII Ask a Chinese '31 to '45 Ask a Spaniard '36 to '45 Ask a Russian june 41 to may '45 Ask an American december '41 till august '45 Ask a Dutchman: If he was living south of the rivers may '40 to September '44 If he was living north of the rivers may '40 to may '45 If he was living in the Dutch East Indies '41 to august '45 The compexity of history.
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Count me in for the 2.5% As for 'expository' writing, this software might be of help for you? As for forgetting to save a file in time, you might check out Google Keep. Maybe it helps. PS I find you at your best when you are writing on non pgotographic issues. Groetjes, Gerard from Vleuten, the Netherlands
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Not only Clint Eastwood but one George Eastman as well!
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After buying and shooting the olympus 30mm 3.5 macrolens I got truly happy.
Only if Stephen Schwartz [Do you mean Scharf? —Mike] can be hired (by me) on a full time basis to...... , well eh, to do the MF stuff, like shooting, printing and talking. I’ll do the bragging
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I never read George Bernard Shaw, but his remark on photographers being like cods is spot on.
I saw a diesel 2.0 litre , probably 4 cylinder SUV. Those are 3 sins for a Jaguar. OK, it sells.
A year ago I found this blog, because I was interested in photographic issues. I enjoyed reading of experiences of people in the filmdays, in their darkrooms, the stories of professionals, the stories of all these great photographers of the old days, the demise of Kodak, etc, etc. It was all new to me. Even Ansell Adams was a new name for me. All very wothwhile reading. Nice also that it can be found in one spot. After one year, I lose interest in all these matters. I am not a gear nerd, nor a frantic obsessive photo man. But I keep coming back to this blog, hoping to find subjects and links, like last week. I was deeply moved by the german poem. Where on the internet one can find this fascinating combination of subjects? In other words: I like it
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My heart skipped a beat after reading the last line of the german poem.
Next time when I want to describe how much I like something I'll use the word 'lugubrious'
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Where I live, in Holland, we use the brand 'Croma' to fry meat. Fiat once sold a car thus named. Dacia sells a 'Duster', which remind us dutchies of a daytime/night gown, worn by an older generation of women. As for the Olympus. Its menus is not more complicated than an that of an Ipad. Both can be cofigured in innumerable ways. Thing is, the budget of the marketing department of Apple is bigger than the gross national product of Japan, hyperbolicly speaking. Gerard
Borsch Belt and wikipedia directed me to And of course all the hilarious episodes of this, that i saw on bbc some years ago.
I am of the same year, 1950. Great band, always loved the music and I sang along, though I never knew what their texts were about. Only very recently I downloaded IOS app 'Genius', that gives both lyrics and their meaning.
I once took piano lessons. It was a disaster. I totally lack any feeling for rhythm. I was a lousy sporter, I got chosen the last person in any team: "we had him (meaning: me) last week, nou you must choose him. I hated dancing in my teens. Moreover I more than once embarrassed the unfortunate girl, that hadn't seen me dancing before. I virtually stopped listening to music, after my car stereo was nicked, some 30 years ago. On an average I listen maybe one hour in a month. Need I go on about my photography?
This isn't a camera blog, not even a photography blog. This is a blog about the inner world of Mike Johnston.
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After reading your article on Takumars, I spent quality time with Wikipedia, starting with the prompt : 'coating a lens'
Before 2014, when I bought my first serious camera and started reading on photography, I thought Nikon and Asahi Pentax were for professionals and the other brands for amateurs. In my mind Canon, like Kyocera, produced copiers and the like. I had never heard of Leica, though 'Leitz' was well known for their office supplies.
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I always read your blogs with much pleasure. [Thanks! --Mike]
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