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Congrats to FCA their hard work has paid off again. No doubt their products are top of the line. Class of their own. Once again leaving the competition playing catchup to all their high tech options.
@ Ooops, guess they new they had no chance with their already outdated products. lol
@ Tacoma2011, Obviously you don't tow. I haven't seen any Tacoma with a trailer. lol Does the Tacoma have power windows yet?
My first car in high school was a truck. 1986 Hardbody single cab short bed white with a Z24 engine with two plugs per cylinder. Kenwood pull out and a 15" bass speeker 100 watt amp. I used it to haul my Honda CR 125 out to the trails.
But the Ford luvin putc still keeps posting the ranger specs and hyperboil. lol Why no jeep? Jeep is a 1/4 ton truck with a body on frame. Guess because its NOT a Ford. lol
Tapping out! No more under-powered Bison articles, please. Posted by: redbloodedxy | Oct 18, 2018 3:20:17 PM Be awesome if A.E.V offered a V8 swap like the 6.4 5.7 Hemi's for Jeeps.
G.M. is the only co. that has competition in this truck segment. I do however think this is a more rugged off roader than the TRD from Toyota.
@Hemi48--Not that there is anyrhing wrong woth thus truck, but there's a difference between sitting in a truck at the shows, and driving and owning one. Ram is still in 3rd place. Posted by: Jeff | Oct 9, 2018 2:59:14 PM You got that right, Nobody handles towing better than RAM Trucks. Nobody even offers their exclusive features. You can own the rest i own the Best. RAM TUFF TRUCKS!!! Longest lasting trucks on the road.
Four FCA US Vehicles Win Top Honors in 2018 J.D. Power Resale Value Awards, Ram 3500 Heavy Duty awarded with the Highest Resale Value in the industry
More ignorant comments. Shocker. This engine is for c.a.f.e only. 1500's soon will be like a prius. The real trucks are 2500's and above because their not regulated the same as 1500's. This engine is to comply with the government nothing more. Rams are in their own class when it comes to luxury, ride, and towing control. It's a very well engineered truck.
I got a chance to see this longhorn interior at the L.A. Auto show with some friends who like G.M. trucks. We sat in it and soaked it all in. Then we went straight to the top G.M. truck and sat in it. Even my friends were blown away at the level of detail and luxury. I only wish they offered this Longhorn in the original farm truck the Legendary Power Wagon. Ram is in another class so far ahead of Ford and G.M.
If i needed a small truck the ZR2 would be my pic for sure. Awesome little truck.
Ford always comes out with something new with out following anybody why? Because is the best and the best never rest. Posted by: Chingon | Oct 7, 2018 11:26:20 AM You mean like 4x4? Turbo Diesel? solid box frame? Engine braking? Big Rig Styling? You are drunk on the koolaid bud. lol
BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Ford poised to begin cuts to salaried work force,"
God Bless America,
I think the best Diesel engine and Trany it's the duramax , Posted by: Miath | Sep 30, 2018 5:52:35 PM You can think that but the stone cold truth is Cummins is the engine chebby and furd use after their diesel is done. P.S. Cummins is rated a@ 100,000 more miles than a Power joke and Maxi pad engines. Cummins is known world wide for their diesel engines. From Fire trucks to Mack trucks Cummins is the name in Diesel.
FCA actually beat Ford in US sales
Yes Allpar is where tog o to get unbiased reports on Ford. Posted by: just the truth | Oct 2, 2018 9:11:56 PM Ha, Ha, I guess the truth hurts. lol Ford also has a JUNK stock rating. Like i have been saying for years. It's not how many it's how much.
FCA US gains while Ford plummets,
@ Hemi V8 I agree with u on interior but whole truck isnt better and isnt selling that well. Thats why they have rebates over $10k on brand new 2019s right now. Not so dominating like you might think!?!? Posted by: TNTGMC | Sep 30, 2018 2:47:47 PM
supplemental, that would imply it has coils AND airbags" Posted by: ScottH | Oct 1, 2018 9:15:06 AM Yes, Ram has both on the same truck. Steal coils in the front. Rear air bags to level the load.
Having a more complete commercial portfolio helps sale more 1500's and 2500's etc... the commercial company will have to deal with one manufactor. One dealer for all their needs. One finance company.
Ram has always been ahead of the competition, Some things never change,