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Arthur Dudney
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People were interested in Mukhlis's Hindi adages, so I've collected a few more at my personal blog: I'd like to explore these further, because of the thirty or so I found in the dictionary, none is familiar (at least to my knowledge) in modern Hindi/Urdu. It's a great opportunity for a bit of linguistic archaeology.
Not including references to the published editions of Mir'at al-Iṣṭilāḥ here was an oversight—they were to appear in a second post devoted to Mir'at al-Iṣṭilāḥ that will follow. The English translation was a commendable undertaking but it is often confusing or misleading, and for that reason I would recommend that serious scholars only use it alongside the original text rather than as a replacement for the Persian. The editors of the Persian critical edition did good work. As a colleague reminded me, there are reasons to think that Dastūr al-ʿamal (mentioned in the list of mss above) was not actually written by Mukhliṣ but rather by a near-contemporary also called Ānand Rām who held a more humble bureaucratic post. The text does not actually mention Mukhliṣ’s pen-name nor refer to any biographical or bibliographical specifics. Ethé implies that the author’s many quotations of Bedil serve as evidence of the author’s identity but of course quoting Bedil in eighteenth-century India was hardly unusual. I would be grateful to anyone who could provide more information.
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Dec 7, 2015