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In case APA is open to/looking for feedback for the next edition, I 100% agree that the format given for online-only journal articles needs to be refined. In these cases, 1-XX is not a true page range. It is inaccurate and doesn't aid in retrievability.
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In changing from doi: to, it doesn't make much sense to me to present DOI URLs one way and non-DOI URLs another way (i.e., including "Retrieved from"). Has there been any discussion on changing retrieval statements/DOI info to be the same? Thanks for any insight!
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Thanks; very helpful! Quick question though: why doesn't the NICE example use "No." before the standard number like the OSHA and ISO examples?
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If using a group-author abbreviation in a list of in-text citations, would you order it by the abbreviation or by the spelled-out term? For example, would it be (APA, 2012; Annex, 2012) or (Annex, 2012; APA, 2012)?
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2015 on An Abbreviations FAQ at APA Style 6th Edition Blog
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Dec 16, 2015