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Noblesville, Indiana
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Howdy. Thanks' for posting this. The house looks soooooo much better! Seems as if it has changed hands again; and this time the owner has done right by Gist! I lived here for a year 2009 - 10. We were the last to lease the house before the investment company sold it. When we were there ALL of the original Gist designed / built fixtures were still in situ. Unfortunately, the first' (or second - ? -), owner after us ripped out the original Gist kitchen and installed some HIDEOUS home center schlock. The new kitchen looks amazing! Looks as if someone has custom made new cabinetry very much in the Gist tradition. Sooooo much better. The floors look outstanding without all that tile too; (was there when we were). Is the indoor pool still back there? I'm thinking not since you didn't include a pic :-( It was so RAD. Let me tell you, living here was VERY, VERY special. I NEVER thought I'd live in the foothills, until I saw this house. The farthest East I'd ever lived was Palo Verde; and never more than a few blocks from Speedway. It was a bother having to drive to get down there; but the thrill of living up on Camino Arco was worth it. We hardly ever closed any of the doors, just moving freely inside and out. Relaxing in front of the fire with firelight the only illumination besides the city lights just below is like nothing else. I still would NEVER live in the snotty foothills; but the OLD foothills is another world again! Cheers! JH
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Dec 22, 2015