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Eddie Jones
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Hah... this place is literally 2 corners and a couple blocks out from my office/house. Never been here, but I've been to the taco shop next door a few times. I've been tempted more than once, but I wouldn't know where to start ordering....
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Your post specifically on Zumbar was a few years ago, but maybe you've seen that New English Brewing has a beer brewed with Zumbar coffee? Appropriately named Zumbar it's a pretty gnarly beer.
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My dad still has stories of their lunch special when he worked in the area 30-plus years ago. I've been there with the parents a few times over the years and I've taken my wife several time as well. We even had our wedding rehearsal dinner in their banquet room. It is the old-school American Italian style place (in my mind), huge portions with the fairly 'formal' service. Ok, maybe I have a soft spot for them, even if we don't get out as much as we did before kids.
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Maybe I'll stop there some day. I'm usually headed next door to Hoffer's. Awesome beer selection, and cigars if it's your thing.
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Dec 29, 2015