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Surrey, BC, Canada
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Good article. But I always feel that the non-expert deniers or confusionists... whatever, are handled with kid gloves; too politely. Any 9-year period where clearly the year-to-year fluctuations are as large or larger than the distilled "trend", does NOT show a trend. The clutz says, well, the data is the data and he cannot help that it shows a decreasing trend. No. It shows no trend. Period. This is the same issue I had (even worse) with actual climate scientists taking seriously the so-called pause between 1997 and 2013. Tamino has analyzed this too. Fluctuation is too large to say there is a trend. One needs no sophisticated statistical analysis to see this. Look at the noise. Now look at how large you say the trend is. Not larger? No trend.
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Jan 3, 2016