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Vonna Pfeiffer
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What beautiful photos! And a little guilty secret of mine...I could eat a bushel bag of beer battered onion rings OH MY you have a Cheddar's Restaurant near you? if so try their Onion Rings for an appetizer...they come out in a tower (I could eat the whole tower by myself...) I'm bad. I hope the Lord let's my arteries stay non-stuck with onion ring grease! LOL! But I only eat them about 4 times a maybe I'm safe. :) Happy Blessed Weekend to you Lea!
I am so happy to read you had a great weekend! You needed a great weekend :) Continued prayers for your family :)
Snow days are good days! I have to say.... Since I'm resembling Santa on Christmas Eve, I'm trying to stay very strict on eating and the photo of that delicious French toast almost had me licking my screen :) Post mortem photography... Well off to look that up! Blessing to you this week!
We gave up cable, but before we did I LOVED this show...except it made me hungry :) I love your snowman mug! Cutie patootie! I haven't heard about these journaling bibles...I'm going to go look one up now! THANK YOU! Merry Day :) Keep smiling!
Dementia is a horrible disease...prayers for you..I've written your family in my prayer journal. In the mean time...those sweet mitts look wonderful and soft and I'm sure cocooning in it would be just the thing :)
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Jan 9, 2016