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And by the way, we still keep a running "log" of the books we read together at home. We have a journal where we record each book, author, and the date we finish it. That is definitely something I will treasure forever, and I hope my daughter will too.
When my daughter was young, she also enjoyed recording books on a log such as the one you described. However, as she got older, and the focus became more on "accountability," I started seeing less enjoyment and more destruction of her love of reading. By the time we hit upper elementary, my book-loving daughter had grown to DESPISE Accelerated Reader, which quashed her freedom to choose the books she really loved and made each "free reading" book into a test. Now in middle school, she is thankfully finding her joy again as she is able to read and choose any books she wants with no set measurement or forced accountability. Ironically, but unsurprisingly, she reads for pleasure more now that the pressure is off. I have taught middle school reading for 25 years, and I have run the gamut on my attempts to hold students accountable for their "free" reading outside of class. I have done logs, calendars, reports, assessments--you name it, I tried it, mostly with mediocre success. "Free reading" is such a misnomer when applied in a school setting where each book that is read has to be assessed or documented in some way. Over the last five years I have given students free reign to read whatever they want with no assessments, logs, or any accountability other than my observations of what they read and the conversations they have with their peers and with me about the books they are reading. I see students reading MORE with more enjoyment and more genuine interest. I will never go back to my old, wicked ways. :-)
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Jan 11, 2016