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Jan 16, 2016
Hello, I've only read two of your blogposts, ('Superheroes and salvation through destruction', and this one -- the latter of which was an extremely affecting read), and I'm so happy to have found this. As a 17 year-old Lebanese male living in Australia, it wounds me to read articles and publishments that ponder over Lebanon's forlorn, resplendant past and aches me to track Beirut's descension from being the exquisite, thriving epicentre of history, culture and democracy in the Middle East, to a destructive pandemonium formulated on the malignant back-bone of religious tumult. I brutally empathise with your focus on Hezbollah as a lethal bacterium which continues to perpetuate regional instability in Lebanon with seasonal aggression towards our southern neighbour, and which courses a serious threat to our democracy. I, a Sunni-Muslim, shoulder no biases towards any other religious groups and am completely content with Lebanon's enthic diversity. Our democracy is something to be cherished. It especially pains me because I've just begun to fall in love with Lebanon; its significance, its history, its geography. Archaic titles like 'Sidon', 'Tyre', 'Byblos', as well as the presence of our beautiful ancient monuments, romanticise the notion of a rich, historical Lebanon. But those romantic notions are rendered sober by reading your compelling, honest posts. Pertaining to this specific post on the topic of refugees, I immediately think of my mother who emmigrated from Lebanon quite late in 1999. Her stories of working in an orphanage in the capital from sixteen to adulthood, and having experienced the civil war, the first Lebanon war, and the 1984 siege of Beirut first-hand, are experiences, as you say, that merit compassion. I'm reminded specifically of one story that she relayed to me in which she was 16, exiting a bread shop in the capital and instantly as the door opens, an earth-shattering blast sounds from down the street. She said that as she looked up to see the black smoke from the explosion receding, human bodies were suspended from the electrical wires overhead - an experience that I can't imagine progressing from. The primary purpose of this comment was just to voice my appreciation. Clearly I got carried away, and I'm sorry, but I'd just want to thank you. I am immensely proud of my country, and doubly proud of our intelligent, kindful diaspora. I wish you and your family well.
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Jan 16, 2016