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This is total bullshit. After the evacuation there is no telling how long the threat will uphold. And after the hurricane the water rise, the roads are blocked by debris, trees, water. You may have the intention to return, but no real means to do it. Remember : your life comes first, you can always get a new job [also maybe with a bonus of your new managment not being a complete deranged asshats].
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Why would you exchange cash between the registers? This causes a lot of security issues [you can lose the money, someone can take it from you, the co worker may hand you back counterfeit money from their till and so on]. It is a practice that is banned in some of the stores. Not to mention, why would you go out of your way to give the customer the money in whatever bills they fancy at the moment. You give them the merchandise, the receipt and the change back in the right amount and that's it. Go to the bank if you want something else. And pay for their time.
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HUGS. You are not an idiot, but she sure is a rude ho :D
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Sweetheart, you deserve all the money in the world for dealing with these mutants :D <3 Remember that these people are often unemployed or on goverment assistance, with their husbands supporting them, they do not know what it means to make a living.
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Jan 18, 2016