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Xavier Santos
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I apologize I need to change my appointment for Tuesday 3/29 9:15 - 9:30 please I have an appointment to take my wisdom teeth out. again, I apologize
Thursday 3/24 10:00-10:15
In the article, “Who’s a terrorist? Depends who you ask.” written by Sammy Ketz mainly speaks or states how the term “terrorist” can refer to many different ethnic groups, religions, or even a person with a certain intent or hate towards somewhere or one country’s government. I believe she is speaking truly and it pertaining to the title, it does really depend who you ask. If you were to ask me it would be any person man or woman that tries or attempts to kill thousands of people of another country or the same country. The root word of terrorism or terrorist is “terror” any person who brings upon terror anywhere. As well as Marc Sagemen stated in the article, “The term ‘terrorist’ has expanded to the point that it just means ‘my enemy.” A lot of people in American believe only that the whole muslim, arabic or islamic religion and race are terrorists of the country and that for one is mistaken by many people including important people and by that I mean those with a voice, such as Donald Trump. I was very surprised to learn that the word “terrorism” is new, the reason why is because this can only mean that terrorism has only been occurring for the last few centuries… other than that it never existed or maybe it did but not in the ways that it does now where millions of people have died. Learning that the word “terrorism” is a word people such as, Tsar Alexander II took pride in, I don’t know how to feel about that simply because I wouldn’t want to know or would know how someone can possibly take pride in such a thing or action. As I stated earlier what makes a person a terrorist is simply someone who brings terror upon the innocence or anyone in reality.
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Jan 19, 2016