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Elyssa Wynter
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Not only the Freddie Gray case but the other cases on police brutality is unacceptable. This act of crime happened have increase the rate over just a couple of months. The racial minority that is the target are blacks and to prevent this from happening is protesting and that was the key to get people attention on whats happening to black men. I think hurting a men where he ends up dead is a serious issue. Having a peaceful protesting shouldn't be a issue because hundreds of people want to prove this issue needs to stop, but if a peaceful protest turns violence that can cause a big problem. Destroying property shouldn't be the answer because its creating more issues and we do not want that. Things need to change for the better and not the worst and hopefully this police brutality between any race stop as soon as possible.
After reading both articles its clear about terrorism is the cause of destroying democracy. The valid point proven in the first article was based on the 9/11 terrorist attack the United Stated became an enemy to other countries. The U.S immediately pointed the finger to Muslim countries. The country is trying to keep it safe by protecting it and not allowing people who portray a "terrorist" come and risk people lives but if we keep dwelling on 9/11 when would this war we are having ever stop? Talking about war it happens to bring up some type of message but instead we are at war fighting instead of bringing peace. In the first article " Can terrorism destroy Democracy" the inputs on each writer explained where we heard about democracy. We only hear what the previous president which was Bush and what he has done or all the information is place in the out history book that is being taught to us at an early age. Lastly, after discussing the meaning of terrorism its still not a clear definition really is but, the second article, the anti defines it as a political problem that involves violence but the problem was the United States is putting fear is being mixed in with everything and that seems to be the case on democracy is being destroyed by always being the target.
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Jan 20, 2016