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And a secondary question: Would there be any additional information needed in the copyright or reference list entry if you were taking a screenshot of a website, rather than incorporating a self-contained photograph or other figure from a website? For example, if a student is analyzing online reading communities and takes a screenshot of the Goodreads website to include as a figure in her paper. Thanks again!
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This series (and especially the table above) is really useful-- thanks for putting it together. I will definitely be sharing this with students and colleagues at my institution. I do have a couple of additional questions I'm hoping you can answer. For the example where the image source is a website, I noticed that you to have combined the webpage title (“Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity: Data, Trends and Maps”) and the specific title for the figure being used (“Alabama Indicator Details Percent of adults aged 18 years and older who are obese”) into a single “Title of Web Document”, for both the copyright statement and the reference list entry. Is this what you would normally suggest if the image being used has a title separate from the webpage? (e.g. if you were using a titled photograph from the CDC website). And what if there is a creator listed for an online photograph, while the webpage also has a corporate author? (CDC). Do you not credit the specific photographer?
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Jan 26, 2016