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Another question as I'm calculating zones has popped up: In order to determine my Aerobic Threshold heart rate, do I subtract roughly 30 BPM from my 20 min. TT heart rate average ( which is what I'm currently using), or 5% - average hrt rate first and then subtract 30 bpm? My 20 min. average heart rate stands at 160, therefore I calculated a Zone 2 of 130-142 bpm, with AT optimal range in the 128-132 bpm - am I on the right track?
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2016 on How Should I Train? It Depends... at Joe Friel
Thanks for all the posts! I am a mountain biker and have set up a training plan set out in you book MTB book as well as incorporating FA50. I have a question regarding training when not racing however. Should I loop through the build phase over the summer/ fall months If I have no races planned? My goal is to improve my riding and do rides with friends. Thanks in advance
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2016 on How Should I Train? It Depends... at Joe Friel
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Jan 27, 2016