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Sorry for your loss, it's especially hard when you've had them for so long. Hopefully your AM and coworkers are supportive. As for the woman, when I have to deal with someone like that I repeat to myself, "And your just a stupid person."
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Teen could get his looks from Grandma who isn't pictured, which would be the same place Uncle got his looks from or from even farther back a Great Grandparent. A basic understanding of genetics solves this "mystery", certain traits will skip a generation or two before showing up again.
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I thought grocery store eggs were unfertilized and couldn't be hatched, but maybe it's different with quail eggs or in the country this person is from.
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I was thinking ice cream soda, or what we now call a ice cream float.
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Whatever happened to just telling your kids to turn off the tv or game. Parents are too interested in being their kids friend.
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Jan 30, 2016