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Stephen Cox
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Chris's 200 mile funeral procession just a small part of it the entire route was lined by Americans paying their respects, Patriotism something not so openly displayed in this nation. Have we learnt nothing from how our Men were treated after Vietnam, It is not good enough for a few politicians making a media stunt pretending to give a damn when one of ours comes home in a casket. Yes their brothers in arms turn out but it is time we the public showed the treacherous left, The political treacherous trash and the enemies within that we the people respect our fallen and everything they do they do in our name and with our blessing be they Military, Police or others who serve for unlike self serving Politicians they do know the meaning of Honor and Humility. If you have never seen this tribute to the VC winners and Robert Henry Cain whose VC in operation Market Garden was reputedly the Finest ever example of WW2 VC's by Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame it is his best ever work. Clarkson is married to Robert Cain VC daughter and even she never knew he had won the VC until after his death. Chris is in Good Company may they and all their Brothers in Arms rest in eternal peace for the sacrifices they made for all of us whether or not their efforts were recognised or known by their fellows or not.
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Feb 2, 2016