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Bernice Hicks, better known as Sister Hicks, makes prolific claims for herself and the "message" she espouses. That message is called the "bride's message." Hicks claims that God personally gave her this teaching. Her persistence to falsely proclaim and uphold a special prophet status with her congregation would eventually be... Continue reading
In a new report filed by the Daily Beast details the exploits of Pastor Mark Driscoll. In it, former members of CGC will find similarities between Driscoll and the Reverend B.R. Hicks. On the outside, the similarities end, Driscoll is a mega-pastor and a penchant to make Jesus hip and... Continue reading
When reading B.R. Hicks’ numerous books, one will note that she makes no reference to another person of influence or inspiration. Neither does Hicks give reference to any other theologian when spouting her teachings. When reading other theological works, this is never the case, as authors will go to great... Continue reading
Hicks continually purports to her congregation a very close and nearby relationship with Jesus Christ. But how far does Hicks go when relating this relationship? “Like I’m looking at you,” is Hicks’ common refrain. Yes, you heard that right, Hicks would have her congregation believe that she speaks with Jesus... Continue reading
When the Apostle Peter wrote some 2,000 years ago to the churches, he wrote of things which were then present and of things that shall be and no more appropriate for today was his fear that the faithful would be made merchandise: 2 Peter 2:3 And through covetousness shall they... Continue reading
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Feb 2, 2016