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Chris, I very much appreciate your post, especially about "teaching broadcast techniques to an expert." Rather than adding comments when I entirely agree with you, can I raise two related points? First, what about the coverage of newspapers which aspire to be impartial, like the Guardian? For the most part its Brexit coverage has been from either those who make no pretence to knowledge of recent economics, or those who unjustifiably do; and here I am not thinking solely of Larry Elliott or Paul Mason. It needs to hire a good blogger: care to volunteer, or prompt Simon Wren-Lewis? Second, while the World Service coverage of economics is (still) better than on the home stations, there are quite frequent editorial biases common to all: for example the frequent introduction of Roger Bootle or some other City hack as an "independent economic commentator" without a more qualified opposing economist. Where are the invitations to such as Simon and you, Martin Wolf, Jonathan Portes, John Van Reenan, Willem Buiter, or any of the informed American academy? "Editorial" here refers to specific programmes like Analysis (Radio 4) and World Business Report (World Service) and not only to particular correspondents.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2016 on The BBC problem at Stumbling and Mumbling
Nice one, am. Blog comments macro is a mixed bag too. Sub-varieties include a. good blogs with good comments b. good blogs with off-point, partisan, ill- informed, or otherwise unhelpful comments c. bad blogs with unhelpful comments Serious readers without a degree in economics need an agreed list of a.-c. Shouldn't be difficult to agree
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Feb 4, 2016