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Collaboration, when focused on student learning, is the key to help teachers succeed in their practice. As they collaborate they get to reflect on each other's practice and learn from each other.
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Language acquisition is a complex process. Teachers play a very important role on the students' level on engagement and access to comprehensible content. Mainstream teachers need the support of experts in the field to be able to differentiate the content and still hold a high level of expectations for all students. I'm looking for ways to help mainstream teachers immerse their ELLs in language throughout the day. I think most teachers welcome diversity, but are not experienced with the process of language acquisition.
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Helping students acquire the English language is a a challenge I face. I'm looking for ways and opportunities to involve mainstream teachers immerse ELL students in language throughout the day. There is so much to address that it is overwhelming. I understand mainstream teachers have a lot on their plate already as they get used to new Common Core Standards, behavior management, parent communication, and the responsibility to teach. I believe that if teachers support each other and make student learning a priority, they can offer the instruction our ELL need so they can learn the content. All students can benefit from the sheltered instruction ELLs need. Teacher preparation programs need to have a major focus on sheltered instruction. Diversity is welcomed at my school, we need ways to support teachers with the content curriculum.
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Feb 9, 2016