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Hi Joe.. bit of a question/ suggestion here. Your above post resonates solidly with what i am using Training Peaks for. I'm into obstacle racing; I use it for ATP and to keep track of my fatigue; So the TP PMC is customisable that we can choose to have multiple PMCs on our dashboard and have it with different attributes as per above post which is great. But what I also like to use TP for is to log all my activities (social cricket/yoga/hiking etc) and have them come up on my PMC so i have a good stat on where my fatigue is at. What TP lacks is that when i do that, these other activities hours get counted against my ATP hours, which you really don't want coming up as you want only run and str workouts that matter to come up in the ATP. Thoughts?
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2016 on The Weightlifting PMC, Part 1 at Joe Friel
Thanks Joe :) appreciate the response
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Hi Joe - first up big fan of your writing in the last 6 months... and been researching only 7! I'm training for ultra distance Obstacle Racing and now getting into training using your planning in conjunction with TP. My previous trainer used similar plans but it wasn't described/explained as well as you have in your workings. Only new things i am incorporating into my workout is the speed skill drills. I was wondering though with Muscular Force workouts (Force reps) and Skills (Strides Drills) - Should these be done in isolation? can I go out for 2 hr aerobic run afterwards or just do Force reps & Strides on the same day? or would that be counter productive? Trying to find a balance of not having to be working out 7 days a week.. Thanks in advance
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Feb 11, 2016