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Diogenes of NJ
Near Ong's Hat
Interests: Truth, justice and the American way.
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@Casey - troll somewhere else - or continue to waste your time here and make a fool out of yourself. @LT Rusty - could really use some of those W70-3 about now.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2016 on Pershing Missile at Bring The HEAT
As most of you know, the Clinton administration made supposedly obsolete MaRV technology available to China. Two decades later we are confronting the DF-21 ASBM. One of my favorite SRBM is Lance (MGM-52). Had the balloon gone up back in the '70s, the USA would have fried Ivan in his tanks with the W70-3 (neutron bomb)as they were streaming thru the Fulda Gap.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2016 on Pershing Missile at Bring The HEAT
The mulatto jackanapes will not go quietly. The plan is to force our hand before it is over. There will be regrets on all sides. My desire is to see to it that the preponderance of regrets fall on the side of the enemy.
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2016 on Dallas at Bring The HEAT
I meant to say tumbrels instead of carts, but a wise man has fathomed my meaning.
When the establishment dispenses with the rule of law, they also dispense with whatever protection they were afforded by the aforementioned. They are a but tiny minority - vastly outnumbered by the population. The day approaches when they will be loaded onto the carts and paraded thru the streets on the way to the appointment with their destiny.
Is there no form of perversion that can qualify as sufficiently deviant as to be considered a mental disease? What this country needs is armed forces comprised of mental defectives. It will compliment an administration repleat with mental defectives.
Our Embassy Marines are not cannon fodder to be used at the whim of the Secretary of State. I would consider an order to enter a foreign country armed and not in uniform to be an illegal order. Special forces are an entirely different matter, as are CIA operations. We can on longer rely on the integrity of individuals up the chain of command to accept the responsibility for their actions. When a few stars are placed on the table in these questionable circumstances, I may reconsider.
@NaCl And the Merchant Marine losses on the run to Murmansk were horrendous.
Missed it in 2012. A pleasure to read in 2016. Thanks for the re-post. - Kyon
His term may come to an end in January next year, but he will continue to be a mulatto jackanapes in perpetuity.
QM, Agreed. I read him, but I won't post over there for just that reason. His Thursday efforts are a step in the right direction however. I'll make allowances; he's a young man from where I see it.
Our enemies know that they don't have much time left. The mulatto jackanapes destruction of our country has gone about as far as the American people will allow. Push back on all fronts is imminent. There will be more such incidents. The Jihad plans to make this Ramalamadingdong a most memorable month. That will help motivate Americans in much the same way that Pearl Harbor brought WW II into focus. Throw away the old playbook, those plays won't work anymore. Political correctness is on the way out (keep it up Sal). Establishment politicians and media won't get it either. For once in my life I can agree with Dylan - the times they are a changin'. We hold a good hand - now it's time to play Trump.
Our countrymen live in a fools paradise. I desire neither their congratulation nor their sympathy. All I desire is the knowing quite company of my comrades and shipmates (alive and dead) that will allow me to reflect.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2016 on Please Don't. at Bring The HEAT
The Aegis Ashore SPY-1 radar does not search for anything. It remains in a standby condition until it receives a cue from other BMD sensors in the event a ballistic missile is launched into the space that the radar is capable of tracking. SM-3 can be launched before the radar has a local track based on the cue. This was demonstrated by the shoot down of USA-193 back in 2008. Under the current Aegis Ashore CONOPS there is no AAW capability as a consequence of the manner in which the radar operates. If the Spetsnaz were to undertake an assault similar to the one which took out OBL, the Aegis Ashore facility would never see them coming. The VLS cells are a good distance from the facility. I'd give the Russians even odds on making off with one using a heavy lift helicopter. I suspect that the Russians have an excellent idea of where the holes are in the Romanian air defense and might even have a few folks on the inside to help out.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2016 on Aegis Ashore in Romania at Bring The HEAT
Russian artillery maintains an approximate 3:1 size advantage over the Army’s artillery, and they have a capability advantage as well with their use of dual-purpose improved conventional munitions and submunitions. For the Army to be competitive, the DoD must repeal then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ 2008 directive to comply with the provisions of the Ottawa Treaty, which resulted in the removal of all submunitions from the Army’s inventory. Gates, his boss and all of the service secretaries should be hanged for TREASON.
What do you figure the over/under is for when Putin sends in the Spetsnaz to take out this site? If they're good, they might get away with a few SM-3s still in the box. I'd pull it off when the mulatto jackanapes is over in Hiroshima apologizing for the greatest generation. The MSM would really be in a quandary about which story to report.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2016 on Aegis Ashore in Romania at Bring The HEAT
The soft bigotry of low expectations flourishes at universities including out military academies.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2016 on The West Point Nontroversy at Bring The HEAT
If there was any connection to or support for Black Lives Matter then the statement that this picture entails is entirely inappropriate. How many more Fergusons will it take for the Black Lives Matter movement to be recognized as the subversion that it obviously is? It also appears that the cadets are members of a segregated organization by both race and gender. I thought that this type of "exclusion" is to be frowned upon in "diverse" organizations. If the Army were to kick these cadets out - they would be way behind on their quotas.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2016 on The West Point Nontroversy at Bring The HEAT
I like the concept of an all male crew. Probably no space to accommodate women. I did see a shot of one snipe wearing a bun. As low sweat as frigate live could be, I doubt that it has gotten to the point where man buns were de rigueur. The Navy sent out some destroyers to WestPac in the early '60 with all single men aboard. They had quite a time on liberty (or so I've been told at the AmLegion post bar.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2016 on Life on a frigate. at Bring The HEAT
Why does it look like a surfaced diesel boat and what will prevent the enemy from coming along side and boarding? Aside from that, they ought to make excellent targets for everything from speed boats to fighter aircraft.
Well the Chinamen seem to be coming up to speed with rap culture. But they appear to be lagging behind in the area of feminism. I didn't see many broads in that flick, except one as a hostage. Get with it hop-sing. Women in combat - the new wave of the 21st century.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2016 on Chinese Hip Hop Moto Video at Bring The HEAT
This just in: Good news for Sgt. First Class Charles Martland; however after having to deal with cluster fuck, why would he want to stay? There is an entire chain of command, from JAG officers up to and including the mulatto jackanapes who holds himself out as above the fray, who deserve prosecution. A very thorough house cleaning of GOFOs will be required if we are ever to get our country back.
If it ain't broke - don't fix it!
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2016 on The Quija Board at Bring The HEAT
@Krag - some excellent points. Fighting a war, especially a war at sea is by no means an economical endeavor. There is nothing more expensive however, than losing a war. The economic ramification persist for generations (the Confederate South comes to mind). That said, I think that most here will agree that that current world conditions and the outlook on the horizon dictate that US Military forces MUST be increased; especially our Navy and most of all our Submarine Force. One of the most intensive areas of training in submarining is the care and feeding of the nuclear reactor. Fully one half of an attack boat's crew are nucs. Elimination of the nuclear reactor also eliminates the need for this training regime. As you know submariners are the best trained of all crews. The safety of the boat requires thorough and extensive crew cross training. WWII diesel boat crews were slightly smaller than modern attack boat crews, and there was a time when the number of non-nucs dominated sub personnel (not sure if that’s still the case, but clearly the nuc ratio has increased). As for maintenance and shore establishment, IMHO it's about time that the Navy bring back tenders (both sub and surface craft); an invaluable asset for forward deployments.
The Pacific is an exceeding large ocean. Nuclear power allows for high speed transits and permits SSNs to get to where they are needed quickly. Such as been a major part of the US Navy's rational to employ an exclusively nuclear submarine fleet for the latter part of the 20th century, up to the present day. As talented as a modern nuclear submarine is, the one thing that it is unable to do is to be in two places at once (whereas the enemy can). If we could have significantly larger numbers of modern capable SS attack boats as opposed to many fewer SSNs, then I'd agree with GBW. With many more boats and modern communications we could experience a revival of wolf pack tactics. A less distinguished man once stated: "Quantity has a quality of it's own."