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The other advantages of regen is that you can drive aggressively without being as inefficient as a ICE car, you don’t leave a dusting of asbestos on the road for the neighborhood to breath and you don’t waste the brake pads and discs (which on the BMW was unreasonably expensive to replace). The way I use the regen paddle on the Volt, which is as much as possible, I think the brake pads and discs will last the life of the car. I only use the brakes to hold the car from creeping at a light or if I am stopping unusually fast, which is maybe once every few days. Once the regen is strong enough for emergency stops friction brakes will be seen as a crude relic.
I've leased a 2016 Volt for a year and a half. It has a regen paddle that almost brings the car to a halt except that the car has creep that can not be turned off. There is no problem remembering to use the brake pedal in an emergency. I like Nissan's approach better. The Volt's paddle is on the wheel and in a turn it is hard to keep it your hand on it. Also the paddle is a binary on/off instead off a gradual increase in regen. I've grown accustomed to that but my passengers comment about the way I am "braking". I test drove a Tesla P90 and with maximum regen it is not as strong as the Volt's. I hope they increase it on the model 3 which I'm in line to get when the lease runs out on the Volt. The Tesla does allow you to turn off the creep though which is great. I kept my old 3 series BMW for about a year since I leased the Volt and I would drive it occasionally to charge the battery. Driving it reminded me of an old broken coaster brake bike I had when I was a kid. It took half a turn of the pedals to engage to go forward and an extra half back a turn to use the brake. With the Volt, the acceleration is instant as opposed to the half second delay on the BMW and the Volt does not coast with the shifter set on L (the regen on the accelerator pedal feels like you dropped a gear in a manual transmission). This allows you to place the car on a spot on the road much more precisley than any ICE car. Driving a regular car again feels dangerous because of that lack of precision. It also doesn’t hurt that if I find myself driving uncomfortably in a pack of cars I can silently dart away from the pack faster than most cars can follow.
"battery electric vehicles with large battery capacity can produce two to three times as much air emissions damage as gasoline hybrid electric vehicles, depending on charge timing." They were comparing a 10 mile Prius and a 35 mile Volt as the HEV's vs. a 200 mile Model S as the large battery BEV. The article could just as easily have said that since most people know if the are going to drive 200 miles the next day and that since most people go less than 35 per day, large BEV's present an excellent opportunity to offer large BEV owners the opportunity to contribute a buffer of say 35 miles or what every they drove that day or even several days of driving miles to the grid to allow a transition from coal to solar and wind. The timing of the charge being determined by the utility. I believe they are already doing that in California.
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Feb 12, 2016